Mascara Tips

Mascara is one of the first beauty products a lot of girls start wearing and these are my top 10 mascara tips, tricks, and fun facts, because who doesn’t love a good fun fact.

Mascara Tips

  1. Maybelline was the first brand to make mascara, there was a girl named Maybel and she put vaseline on her eyelashes to make them look longer and darker.  Her brother started manufacturing Maybelline mascara in 1914.
  2. My favorite mascara brand is Maybelline and the MegaPlush is one of my favorites but I have a quest to try them all, if I can keep up with all the new releases.
  3. Waterproof mascaras can dry out your lashes so I recommend swiping on some castor oil or vaseline every night to keep them healthy if you insist on waterproof.  I use regular every day but if I know I am going to be going to a sad movie, the pool, the beach or places like that, I wear a waterproof.
  4. Hold your upper lid up so the waterline is about a millimeter or two away from your eyeball to get the mascara wand as close to the roots as possible.
  5. Putting castor oil on your lashes nightly with a clean spooly brush will keep them healthy.  Also applying vaseline (I just use my fingertip) to your lashes to keep them lush.
  6. If you want your mascara to stay all day long, try a primer to prepare your eyelashes for the mascara.
  7. If you only use waterproof mascara once in a while, try a waterproof mascara top coat.  It seals the mascara on your lashes and creates a barrier against water so you can use your favorite washable formula without worrying you’ll have black mascara running down your cheeks.
  8. To prevent clumps and make your lashes look oh-so thick and lucious, wiggle the brush at the roots of your lashes then continue up to the tips.
  9. Never pump your mascara wand in and out of the tube because it brings in bacteria and dries it out much faster.
  10. If you have blonde or light eyelashes, make sure to use mascara but if you feel like black is too harsh, try brown or brown/black.  They give a defined, gorgeous look without the severity.


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