My Bullet Journal – One Month On

Ever since I saw Lily Pebbles talk about her Bullet Journal a few months ago I’ve wanted to try one.  I work best with To-Do lists and a bullet journal is a book of lists/ to-do lists so the bullet journal is perfect for me.  This has helped me so much getting everything done and work on habits I want to develop.

My Bullet Journal - One Month On | Born To Be Bright

This is my key that keeps everything consistent throughout my bullet journal.  I love using dashes instead of bullets because if I need to push something to the next day, I can make that dash into an arrow.  If I complete a task I make the dash into a cross.  I love how simple my key is, I never get confused with my symbols.

What I Like:

My Bullet Journal - One Month On | Born To Be Bright

My Bullet Journal - One Month On | Born To Be Bright

Habit trackers make a huge difference because I get so motivated to color in those little boxes with different highlighters.  I have picked up so many habits that are great to have as a blogger, like commenting on other blogs and pinning things from other blogs. I decided to change the layout of my tracker because of how much more work the calendar style was.  The ability to change little things like this makes all the difference between planners.

My Bullet Journal - One Month On | Born To Be BrightI love the daily logs because I love using the little dashes and making them into crosses as I finish the task.  Planning out my week is another thing I enjoy doing.  It relaxes me to have everything planned out for the week.  If you look closely, this weekly log is for this week, and here I am on Tuesday photographing and writing my “bujo” post.

My Bullet Journal - One Month On | Born To Be Bright

My Bullet Journal - One Month On | Born To Be Bright

Collections are such a fun thing, they can be anything you want.  Mine are post ideas, twitter party times, coding progress, blog designs I like, and a few others.  I love filling them in and having a place to keep everything.  There are no more random pieces of paper floating around with a blog design I like, thank goodness.

What I Don’t Like:

My Bullet Journal - One Month On | Born To Be Bright

My Bullet Journal - One Month On | Born To Be Bright

I don’t really use the calendar in my monthly log because I have a separate calendar for my posting schedule.  I think for September I’ll remove it from my monthly log and only have it in my weekly logs like I do now.

What I Love About the BuJo:

My Bullet Journal - One Month On | Born To Be Bright

The tracker and daily logs motivated me to accomplish stuff like a boss this month.  Also, being able to change things and draw things is really fun. It keeps me excited about the next day, the next week, the next month, and all the things I have to do. Using a bullet journal keeps everything organized in such personal way.

As you can see in my pictures, the trackers are different between months and every weekly log looks different.  Also, I have completely 180’ed my productivity… and my handwriting because of the amazingness that is the bullet journal.

If you want to see any more posts on my bullet journal (there’s one more scheduled for next week) let me know!

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  • I want to start one of these so bad! Love yours, and especially love that your “dislikes” are things that can just be changed next month – the beauty of the bullet journal!


    • I thought it was important to show how versatile a bullet journal is and how individualized they are. Some may love their future logs and monthly logs, but they don’t work for me!

  • Your journal looks great! I’m starting a bullet journal-style one too at the moment and I love reading posts like this. I love your coding progress page too, it’s a great break down of everything!

    Leanne xx |

    • Thank you!! I love the bullet journal, I’m never looking back to another basic planner! As you can see, my coding progress is a bit grim right now, I just need some motivation to get going!

  • becca

    This is such a colourful journal! I really want to keep a bullet journal so this really helped! I’ve saved this post for later so I can keep referring back to it for inspiration X

    • I’m glad this helped! I’m going to be writing a post on how to create on pretty soon so keep an eye out for that in the next few weeks! I also have a pinterest board full of posts on how to make them and pictures of spreads I like!

  • This was so satisfying to read, your bullet journal is intense lady!! I would so love to sit and colour in those little boxes as well! PS I am guilty for random bits of paper floating around haha, I need a bullet journal! XX

    • I love bullet journals because you can make them as simple or complex as you want, I happen to love coloring in little boxes so they’re everywhere! It’s so easy to start a bullet journal, just grab a blank journal from a bookstore, a ruler, and a pencil! Pinterest is also a vital tool!

  • Your journal looks great! I started bullet journaling this summer. I botched it in July, but I have a much better flow with it this month. The habit tracker is by far my favorite! XOXO

    Breanna Catharina

    • It takes a little while to settle in with this sort of setup. I LOVE using the habit tracker, it motivates me so much!

  • I keep hearing so much about these bullet journals but still don’t know exactly how they work! Yours looks so well laid out and colourful, do you have a post about how to set it up already? If not I’d love to see one 🙂 Thanks for sharing xx

    • I’ll add that to my posts list now! I had to watch a few videos and go searching on pinterest for a while but I put together a post on how to make one! Thanks for reading!

  • Rachel

    Your bullet journal is so pretty! I like that you included the parts of it that you don’t like too. I use my bullet journal loads but found that it was really hard to future plan in it. Great post!

    • I also find it hard to future plan, I don’t have a future log in my bullet journal, I just never would use it. I mainly just have weekly, daily, and a tracker for my spreads!

  • Olivia Alesha

    I absolutely love the design and colours that you use in your bullet journal!
    -Olivia Xxx

    • Thank you! I have a whole pinterest board of ideas so every week is pretty different! It’s so much fun to create the weekly logs, I just bought new pens and crayons, yes crayons, so I can get even more colorful!

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