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L’Oreal Detox & Brighten Clay Mask

As we’ve all seen, L’Oreal came out with a new line of masks.  There’s purifying/ mattifying, brightening/ detoxing, and exfoliating/ refining which are awesome options.  I chose the Detox and Brighten one because my skin could use some detoxing and who doesn’t want brighter skin?

L'Oreal Detox & Brighten Clay Mask Review

This mask is made with charcoal to draw out impurities like dirt, oil, and pollution.  I love that this draws out impurities in my skin caused by pollution.  Especially because I don’t have very much control over how pollution affects my skin.  Unlike a lot of clay masks, this one doesn’t dry my skin out and is so creamy to apply.  As soon as I wash this mask off, my skin is already softer and more radiant.  Quick tip: don’t let clay masks dry too long or they dry your skin out a lot more than if you wash them off when they’re slightly tacky.

L'Oreal Detox & Brighten Clay Mask Review

The packaging is so pretty and I love that L’Oreal came out with three different clay masks for people with different skin concerns.  I’m so happy this mask doesn’t break me out or dry my skin out, I always get so nervous trying new skincare products.

Which ones have you tried or which do you want to try?

L'Oreal Detox & Brighten Clay Mask Review

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