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September Goals 2016

This summer I developed some really awesome habits.  I solidified my habit of drinking more water, I started doing things to become healthier, and I figured out my foolproof method to get myself out of that mood that we all find ourselves in sometimes.  On top of that I really found a new motivation for learning and learning how to be more productive.

September Goals 2016 | Born To Be Bright

  1. Up my productivity.  I learned a lot in August about how to be more productive.   I need to have lists, take breaks, and have fun activities that are productive on my lists.  I have a lot to do this month and for the rest of the year so I hope I have learned enough strategies to keep me focused.
  2. Continue to eat healthily.  I always notice a difference in my body when I have a salad and fruit with my meals but I’m still working on making that a habit.
  3. Continue to get rid of things I don’t need.  Simplicity is the key to success for me.  The less things distracting me or bothering me, the better I can focus and get things done, and the happier I will be.
  4. Post 2 times per week, on Monday and Thursday.  I had an awesome time posting 5 times a week for August and I loved how much it pushed me to be creative and meet my deadlines.  I know myself and I know I won’t have time for 5 posts a week or even 3 posts a week like I usually do.  I already have the month’s content planned and I’m excited about it all!

Happy September, the beginning of Autumn is coming up, who’s excited?!

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  • Good luck with your goals!

    I completely agree that 5 times a week is a huuuuge commitment and I know I wouldn’t be able to keep up with that. saying that I am working on my second blog and YouTube channel because, well, I am crazy and unreasonable hah. I currently post at least 3 times per week but will likely lower that down to 2. Recently I found that with a full time job (plus overtime), commute, cleaning the flat and looking after the cats, when you add the blog it’s like there’s no time to actually live. haha xx

    • Thanks you! I’m excited for your second blog and YouTube channel! I know what you mean, I have been working nonstop since I woke up today and still have so much left to do that I haven’t even done anything just for fun today. I like setting my posting schedule slightly low so I can feel super awesome about myself if I throw an extra post in sometimes. ahah ❤️

      • Haha I apply this rule of setting the goal lower than I know I will do for everything 😀 probably not a good thing, but hey… how awesome does it feel later when you exceed expectations? (couldn’t resist a little Harry Potter joke since we’re speaking of it on the other post hah)

      • ahaha, I know it seems like I’m not pushing myself when I set the bar low but I’m just allowing room to not get discouraged!

  • Getting rid of things I don’t need is a big one for me! I’ve been doing better but I could do even more! I’m hoping to get rid of some clothes this month.

    • I am on the same train, I’m hoping to get rid of enough clothes this year that I can get rid of my dresser, it would free up SO much space in my bedroom! I also really need to clear out my makeup collection. Thank you for commenting!

  • Seems like September is already off to a great start! I definitely need to work on upping my water intake. Great post!xx