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My No Makeup Challenge

I’ve always been one to say the phrases “5 minutes so I can do my makeup really fast” or “almost ready I just need to finish my makeup”.  But I always wanted to be someone who just left the house with no makeup.  I felt like I needed a change in my makeup routine, my skin was so dry is was hard to do foundation and it wasn’t as fun anymore.  I decided that the last week of school I wasn’t going to wear a stitch of makeup.

My No Makeup Challenge | Born To Be Bright

This was something totally new for me.  I know some people do this all the time but I don’t.  I’m used to taking 20 minutes on my makeup every morning and trying new products every day.  But instead, I could sleep in later or take more time making a good breakfast. And I really liked it.

What was I afraid of?  No one was going to say, “wow you look awful why don’t you have makeup on?”.  No one said anything!  No compliments either but I didn’t mind.  I was having a great time being able to rest my head on my arm without makeup all over everything.  I was having an awesome time not having my eyes be itchy and being able to rub my eyes without mascara everywhere.  I was having an awesome time without worrying about my makeup breaking up by the end of the day.

I was sick of taking forever doing my makeup just so the dry patches wouldn’t be super clear or so my dark circles wouldn’t show.  At the end of the day, who cares if I look tired.  Plus, if I’m not taking 20 minutes on my makeup, I can spend 20 more minutes sleeping.

I was thinking, What if people make comments?  What if I’m uncomfortable?  Time to put my fears away for the week and enjoy the clean skin.

For my skin, I used Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, CeraVe AM moisturizer at night, Cetaphil SPF 15 Daily Moisturizer in the morning.  I also used a ton of facial mists.  This miracle called Caudelie Beauty Elixir is crazy expensive in the US but in Europe it’s way less expensive.  It’s minty but hydrates my skin so well and made my skin look amazing without makeup, I used that before moisturizer both morning and night.  I also loved using the Mario Badescu Rosewater all the time. The Caudelie Grape Water acted as my “spray on makeup”: a quick mist of this and I looked like I had Gigi Hadid skin.  Amazing.

I loved having nothing on my face.  I felt more inclined to work harder on my skincare routine, which was an amazing thing for me.

Surprisingly, I took some of those things I learned and they’ve influenced my makeup skin care routines since.  I bought a Foreo to take better care of my skin, I began being more conscious of SPF on my face, I started thinking about what I eat and how it impacts my skin, I stopped washing my face in the morning because I realized that I didn’t have to.  And with my makeup, I bought the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB which is the lightest and best base for minimal makeup.  Now, my makeup is really simple and my skin always looks fresh and natural, I rarely use powder anymore.

I recommend anyone go a week without makeup, not just when you’re sick or at home for the day.  Go with your friends with no makeup, go shopping, go for it.

I liked this whole thing so much I did it again, but a bit less extreme.  I wore only that miracle called Maybelline Dream Fresh BB (which has SPF 30) for a week with a ton of friends and people I’ve never met before.  I wore nothing on my brows or lashes, and only clear lip balm.  And (plot twist) someone actually said they realized how pretty I was that week!

I learned so much from this experiment and wearing no makeup boosted my confidence so much.  You’ll be seeing more posts on No Makeup because I think it’s amazing how it’s affected me.

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  • Francie | brooklyngirljournal

    I like balancing my makeup days with my bare face days 🙂 I’m glad you had the confidence to do what you wanted with your appearance & I’m sure you looked beautiful! xx

    • Thank you! I barely even go full-face with my makeup anymore. After I jumped in to no makeup for a few days, I realized that it wasn’t that hard! Now I feel so good about myself without makeup! Thank you for your comment!

  • I never used to be somebody who was that bothered about make up, and even now I only wear pretty minimal make up but it has become a bit of a crutch. I think if I had a better skin care routine though I’d feel much better about it. Also if you’re interested in how food changes your skin you should read Eat Pretty, it’s such a good guide to how it all works! Stephie xx

    • I think my skincare has been the thing that has made me continue to take makeup free days, almost every day. Or at the least keep my makeup to under eye concealer, translucent powder, brows and mascara! I have been eying Eat Pretty for years, I kid you not, years. I think it’s time to pick it up, I always feel so much better when I eat well but I want to know exactly what is good for what concerns, you feel? Thanks for stopping by!

  • This is such a lovely post! I wore makeup every single day at school and now I’m older I wonder why! It’s so good to let your skin breathe and we all look fabulous without makeup anyway! I only use a BB cream as a base when I do my makeup now 🙂

    I’m definitely off to look at the mists you mentioned, they sound really good! Such a positive post, I love it! xx

    Leanne | Latte Leanne Blog

    • I feel the same, I now wonder why I started wearing makeup so young! It feels so good to let my skin get some air and I agree, people look awesome without makeup anyway! I never used to like the Maybelline BB but now it’s my favorite base, especially with that SPF! The Caudelie mist is probably the best one I’v tried, the mist is so fine and my skin looks AMAZING! Thank you!

  • Paris Cross

    Love love LOVE this! Such a great post to read because it’s such a great reminder that sometimes it’s great to go without makeup! It’s great news that you feel so much better for it! 😀
    Paris x

    • I’m happy you enjoyed this post, I think it’s my favorite on my blog! It’s received such a positive reaction, I’m so happy I’m part of such a supportive community! Thanks for the comment!

  • I was the exact same, I used to hate how I relied on makeup constantly! This is a great post, I am glad it helped with your confidence, I always think people look better without makeup but it’s also important to feel that yourself! XX

    • I agree, whenever I see those magazines that are like “shocking- celebrities without makeup” I feel so bad for the celebrities targeted by them! If they feel comfortable in their skin, a magazine has no right to make them feel bad, and I think they look gorgeous without makeup anyway! Thanks for the comment!

  • I barely ever wear make-up any more. I just kind of stopped after college, because it was pointless, but I definitely need to increase the love I give my skin. Seeing what you’re doing is an inspiration to focus more on that and stop feeling guilty for not wearing make-up.

    • Totally! Skincare is something I never really cared THAT much about until I did this, now I’m always thinking about what I can do better for my skin! Good for you for stopping wearing makeup! It took a financial burden off didn’t it? Much more cash for sunscreens and serums!

  • I LOVE my Clarisonic – focusing on my skincare over makeup has made me so much more confident. And that glowing skin look is so in right now, you don’t even need makeup to make it happen. Cheers for giving the no makeup lifestyle a go!

    -Alex |

    • haha I was so surprised I liked it! My Foreo is my favorite beauty item right now, it’s so gentle! I’m glad you also gained confidence from working on your skincare. I never even thought that skincare would help me be so confident!

  • Kitty Irving

    This is such a fab post I am so so so happy that it helped to boost your confidence! Your skin will LOVE you for it <3 Thanks for sharing your experience, fantastically written post!
    love from

  • Makena

    This is such an amazing and inspiring post and truly speaks to your blog title and mission! Although I barely ever go a day without wearing a full face face of makeup, I love it when I take off my makeup in the afternoon and feel so fresh, natural, and confident! I feel like I should try going a week without any makeup because it is very important for yourself, but to me, it would almost feel like a waste of an artistic oportunity because I just love the process of applying my makeup differently each day. Lol, does that make sense, haha? Thanks so much for the inspo! xoxo

    • I felt the exact same way when I decided to do this, I was thinking to myself “I can’t do my eyeshadow today or pick out a lipstick” but I was thinking more “what if I like no makeup and all of my makeup goes to waste???” Never fear I still wear makeup but now I usually either do the lightest foundation I have for SPF or just do under eye concealer and a translucent powder. It gave me so much confidence in my skin and made me work 3x harder to keep my skin clear. If you ever take a few days off makeup, please let me know and we can chat about it! Also, I’d love to see a blog post on it! And finally, thank you so much for always being such a light on my blog. Your comments are so sweet and I appreciate every single one of them. I appreciate so much how you comment such attentive things and are so kind and supportive to me. I can’t thank you enough for supporting me so much. xo

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  • I normally don’t wear makeup on a daily basis because of work and being an art student but I always love reading when people feel like taking a makeup break! Great post X