Makeup Wishlist Summer 2016

I am back with another wishlist, this time being a makeup wishlist rather than a skincare wishlist.  I went into Ulta and Sephora yesterday to get a feel for what I would buy right then if I could.  Surprisingly, there wasn’t much.  I think I’m at a pretty good place with my makeup collection there’s no gaps and I’m not unhappy with any products.  These are the items I would buy right now, if a budget wasn’t a thing.  Items are in order of which I would snatch first.

Makeup Wishlist 2016 - Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Foundation Serum | Born To Be Bright

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Water Foundation – $39

This has been #1 on my list ever since Zoella raved about it a few months ago in a video.  She said it has great staying power and feels great on the skin.  Also this packaging just makes me want it a bit more.  I need to start investing in products like foundations that will make a huge difference in my whole look instead of blushes and eyeshadows that can be so easily duped.

Makeup Wishlist 2016 - Make Up For Ever HD Foundation Stick | Born To Be Bright

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Stick Foundation – $43

I tested this out in Sephora yesterday and it blended so so beautifully.  I’ve never tried a stick foundation that was that creamy and blendable without seeming like it would slip around.  The shade range is also awesome, and how convenient is a stick foundation! This would look so good blended out with a beauty blender and a translucent powder over top.


Makeup Wishlist 2016 - Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder | Born To Be Bright

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder – $46

These have such an amazing texture to them.  I love the ultra-subtle glow they give.  Matte powders are awesome but nothing looks better than a natural finish on your skin.  They are so raved about by every beauty blogger, some day I need to pick this up.


My makeup wishlist is pretty streamlined this time around.  But take a look at my skincare wishlist I posted last week and your opinion will change on my self-control abilities.  Remember I’m posting Monday through Friday all of August, so come back tomorrow for a new post!  What is at the top of your makeup wishlist?

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  • Makena H

    I love reading your wish lists! I’ve been really wanting to try one of the Hourglass powders because I want something that maintains the dewy finish I like in my foundation while also preventing my t-zone from getting oily at the end of the day! I always feel like it’s either or, but I think that those powders might be my solution! I’ve heard a ton of amazing things about the MUFE stick foundation and I love that it has a dewy finish! Amazing work! xoxo

    • If you’re looking for a good combination powder, the best I’ve found is Sephora MicroSmooth. It’s definitely no Hourglass but it’s pretty nice for being half the price! I’m still all for the Ambient Lighting Powders though, I would love Dim Light. I’d love to get the MUFE stick foundation, I’m such a foundation person! I have so many but I always find new ones with new finishes and new formulas that I like haha