Z Palette Game Plan

The other day I went into Sephora to browse but ended up buying the Z Palette Baby.  This one is $10 at Sephora compared to the $17 for the large online.  It holds 15 standard Mac, MG, Morphe, etc eyeshadows.  I’ve been planning for this palette so hard to make sure I pick shades that I will use but that will also stretch my eyeshadow comfort zone ever so slightly.

Z Palette Game Plan | Born To Be Bright

So I spent a while on YouTube looking at those What’s in My Z Palette Videos.  Once I found about 3 with similar tastes as to eyeshadow, I got to work on Temptalia in the swatch comparison and dupes pages.

Z Palette Plan - Blanc Type | Born To Be Bright

Mac Blanc Type– matte creamy beige.  This is perfect for an all over lid shade.

Z Palette Plan - Makeup Geek Peach Smoothie

Makeup Geek Peach Smoothie– matte light peach.  I love this one because it’s perfect to just dust all over for a very easy eye look, nothing complicated.

Z Palette Plan - Makeup Geek Chickadee

Makeup Geek Chickadee– matte bright yellow orange.  Might be too bright for me so I’m not totally sure about this one.  It looks like it’s straight out of ABH Modern Renaissance though, so it’s tempting.

Z Palette Plan - Mac Soft Brown | Born To Be Bright

Mac Soft Brown– matte soft golden peachy brown.  I just bought this one the other day and I’ve been using it so much because it’s the perfect pink toned brown.

Z Palette Plan - Mac Saddle

Mac Saddle– matte golden orange brown.  I’m very drawn to this shade for some reason, and I can’t resist a matte brown.

Z Palette Plan - Mac Swiss Chocolate

Mac Swiss Chocolate– matte muted reddish brown.  Yet another matte warm brown.

Z Palette Plan - Mac 300 Game

Mac 300 Game– matte blackened cherry. I’ve been slowly getting in to darker eyeshadows, this one is stunning.

Z Palette Plan - Makeup Geek Cocoa Bear

Makeup Geek Cocoa Bear– matte red toned brown. I have recently switched from neutral shadows only to more on the warmer side so I think this will be a great addition. And another matte warm brown.

Z Palette Plan - Mac Brown Down

Mac Brown Down– veluxe teddy bear brown.  This one has an interesting finish so I’ll have to swatch it a few times before I buy this one.

Z Palette Plan - Makeup Geek Roulette

Makeup Geek Roulette– shimmery rosy burnt sienna.  This sort of reminds me of Too Faced Push Up, which I love.

Z Palette Plan - Mac Amber Lights

Mac Amber Lights– frost peachy brown.  This was my first Mac shadow so I’m happy to finally have a home for it.

Z Palette Plan - Urban Decay Fireball

Urban Decay Fireball Mini– peach with a pink shift.  I got this mini from an ipsy bag so I’m just throwing it in there.  This is the small pink shadow in the upper right hand corner of my Z Palette.

Z Palette Game Plan | Born To Be Bright

What are your favorite eyeshadows?  Any recommendations?

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  • I also have the Baby Z Palette from Sephora and we literally have the exact same taste in eyeshadows! That’s crazy!!! I love all the colors you picked out and I can’t wait to see more! xoxo

    • That’s so cool! Do you have any recommendations for shadows I don’t have on my list! I made sure to get Soft Brown like you suggested and I use it every day! Thank you for commenting!

    • Do you have any more shadow suggestions for me? I bought Soft Brown at your recommendation and I have been using it every day!

      • From MAC, I love Sable, Twinks, All That Glitters, and Brown Script! I have dark green eyes, so I love purples and Twinks is a very wearable plummy shade. I highly recommend Sable; it’s a stunning shimmery bronze with pinky plum undertones is so amazing! All That Glitters and Naked Lunch are great all-over lid shades for everyday. Brown Script is a really nice matte red-toned brown, but it looks like you already have very similar ones! I am in desparate need of a MAC haul, so I will keep you updated! I am also in love with rose gold eyeshadow, so let me know if you have any recommendations for some other all-over lid shades for more tan skin! xoxo

      • Thank you for the suggestions! Have you seen swatches of Mac Mythology or Makeup Geek Cinderella? They’re gorgeous rosey shades! I will definitely be looking for your Mac haul!