3 Winter Beauty Upgrades

Honestly there is nothing I love more than slathering on a moisturizer when I can tell me skin is a little dehydrated.  Winter is definitely the time to pull out the big-guns in terms of hydrating makeup and skin care.  With these 3 winter beauty staples, my skin goes from dull to glowy in a second flat.

I got this in the Sephora Collection Glow For It set and I use it almost every day to give my skin some serious glow and hydration.  The Cover FX Custom Infusion Radiance Drops give my skin such a nice smooth texture, it’s perfect to mix in with gel moisturizers for a natural and healthy glow.

I’ve been absolutely loving the L’Oreal Lumi Foundation, every time I use it my skin looks like real skin with a more even tone.  This is definitely a natural-looking foundation and blends out so easily.  I love throwing this on for a more low-key makeup day because it’s so easy to use.  I definitely held off on buying this for far too long.

Lastly, how can I forget my all-time favorite face mist?  Caudalie’s Grape Water is perfectly done, from a super-fine mist to the light scent to the perfect ingredients for sensitive skin.  Also, this perfects my skin so easily.  I spray this all over my face before and after makeup most days.

  • Every single one of these products ar right up my alley! Obviously the L’Oreal Lumi is my holy grail foundation, but I really want to try the other two as well! I will definitely be buying the grape water this summer when I go to Europe! Does it even out skin tone/redness as well, or am I thinking of something else? Thank you and xoxo.

    • Sephora just started selling the Grape Water and I think it’s around the same price when you take into account the exchange rate!! I think it does help with redness and I find it to be almost like a perfecting veil kind of thing when it’s on bare skin. I’ve also been really enjoying it as a setting spray to keep my skin hydrated all day. The Eau Thermale Avene Spring Water definitely helps with redness and if I remember right it was really cheap in Europe! Where are you going in Europe?!

  • FairyGodmotherBlog

    I’ll have to check out Lumi foundation. I am normally a fan of L’Oreal foundations!

    • This one looks so pretty on the skin, I should’ve gotten it earlier!