Top 3 Summer Bases

Summer is coming and we all struggle with finding good summer bases that give us the “glowy, not sweaty” look with a skin-like finish and a long wear time.  I am a foundation junkie and I love trying out new bases and getting the perfect look on my skin.  That developed when my skin wasn’t too great but it has improved a lot in recent years with a very steady skincare routine.  Now, I usually just go for some concealer and a tinted powder.  Even with that being my daily routine, I use foundation often even if it’s only to disguise redness and acne scars.

3 Summer Bases - BareMinerals Complexion Rescue

BareMinerals Complexion Rescue has a seriously unique texture, described as a gel cream.  I would have to agree, it looks like a light cream and feels like a gel on the skin.  This is one that looks better and better with the more sweat and oil (to a point of course).  This is super hydrating on the skin and this never looks dry or looks dehydrated on.

I rarely have to set this but when I do I use the BareMinerals Mineral Veil under my eyes, on my nose, and on my forehead.  With this I try to keep powder to a minimum because I love the dewy, skin-like finish.  This provides SPF 30 so you will always be protected even if you forget to put on sunscreen.

3 Summer Bases - Rimmel Match Perfection

Next is my absolute favorite foundation of all time (at only $5.99) Rimmel Match Perfection is hydrating and blends amazingly over my skin.  I can easily use this only on certain areas and it will be unrecognizable because it looks like skin.  This is also an all-day foundation that looks really good for at least 6 hours with no touch ups.  This offers some protection from the sun even when it’s cloudy because of the sneaky SPF 20.

3 Summer Bases - L'Oreal Lumi

The last of my top summer bases is L’Oreal True Match Lumi, which is super glowy and really melts into my skin.  I have very warm toned skin so I don’t generally fit into L’Oreal’s extensive shade range.  If you fit in the shade range that’s awesome because this liquidy formula blends beautifully over the skin.  SPF 20 protects your skin every day, making it especially perfect for summer and late spring.

3 Summer Bases - Born To Be Bright

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  • Wow, we really do have very simialr taste in makeup haha! I desperately want to try the Rimmel foundation since I love trying your recommendations, and it must be amazing because it is always sold lol. Hopefully, once I run out of some of my current foundations, I’ll be able to pick one up. Have you tried the W-warm shades from L’oreal? I also have very warm undertones and they always have the perfect shades for me:) xoxo

    • The Rimmel foundation will be perfect for your drier skin too, it’s so hydrating and blendable! I tried the W shades and they were better for the undertone but I was between w1 and w2 so n2 was the closest I could get, although I should’ve gotten the w2 and used my lightening drops! I am such a sucker for foundation recommendations so I’ve accumulated way too many so I need to hold off buying any more for a long long time ahah

  • I love the bareMinerals Complexion Rescue! I just did a review of it on my blog too! 🙂 I’ve tried the Lumi foundation, but the color match was a little off for me!

    • Complexion Rescue is such an awesome base, it looks amazing all day and I’ll definitely check out your review! I agree, the shades in the Lumi foundation are just a little off! Shade 1 is too light, 2 is too dark, I just can’t win with L’Oreal!