About Me

Hi, I’m Sofia.  Somehow you’ve stumbled upon my blog, or maybe you’ve been here before.  Either way I’m happy to have you and hope you enjoy yourself while you’re here!

Back in 2013 I started this blog without being a huge blog lover beforehand like most bloggers.  I don’t think I understood fully what I would do on my blog.  But here I am, nearly 3 years later and loving (almost) every second of it.  I hope you get a bit lost in the archives, looking way back into the history of my blogging life.

What’s with the Name?

Being “bright” to me means being yourself, always.  No matter what anyone has to say about it or what other people think about you, do you.  I want you to be bright in your personality, your words, your thoughts, your creations, anything…even a lipstick color you’ve been scared to wear.  By reading this blog, you’re making a promise to me that you’ll try your absolute best at being who you want to be.  Every single post I make on this blog is a promise back to you, saying that I’m trying my absolute best too.  If you want to know more about me and the blog, see my Welcome Back post that I wrote when I relaunched my blog!

We are in this together, cheers!

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